Welcome to children classes at Annandale Street Mosque. The Mosque is an institution which believes it carries great responsibility in teaching Islamic education to the future generation. Our youth today face many difficulties regarding understanding the role Islam plays in modern Western life. We aim to provide our students with the best tools to meet the great challenges of the times. With qualified teachers and Imams, Annandale is a great place to send your children for gaining great insight into Islamic creed and practise. We aim to allow Muslim children to have a place where they could meet and interact with other Muslims which is friendly and enjoyable.


It is an obligation for all Muslims to learn their religion from those qualified to teach it. The obligations are a responsibility we have to make an effort in studying and implementing. The Quran, which sets our precedence in life, needs to be recited and understood properly. Our life without this opportunity of gaining knowledge will lead to ignorance to be maintained and spread in our communities. Illumination has to come from teaching our young the basics of Islam.


Class 1A


This class focuses on children between the ages of 7 and 12. The main focus here is mastering Quranic recitation as well as Arabic speaking. Islamic studies are taught with qualified teachers at hand directing the children to beneficial knowledge. The books covered are as follows:



Class 2A


Students at this level are expected to be reliable reciters of the Quran. The main focus of this class is memorisation. Islamic studies are also taught at a higher level which covers aspects of Law, Creed and Etiquette. Books covered at this class are the following:



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